Moebius Sculpture (Small)

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The Moebius knot is named after the famous mathematician and astronomer and is a representation of infinity in real life. Place your finger delicately on the sculpture and follow the surface around the two sides of this magical shape to return to your starting point. Amazing!

Material: Metal

Width: 11.00 inches

Height: 9.85 inches

Depth: 6.00 inches

Handcrafted manufacture. We understand variations in tone, size, and shape, or certain imperfections as added value that make it a unique piece.

Images, measurements, and colors are indicative. Everything perceived on the screen can be altered by many factors, including the ambient light of the photo, the viewing angle, and/or its calibration. As these products are handmade, each piece is unique, and the materials used in their manufacture are technically difficult to show in detail in every image.